Fairbanks Ultrasound OB imaging

Fairbanks Ultrasound OB imaging

Fairbanks Ultrasound Diagnostic Sonography

Fairbanks Ultrasound Diagnostic Sonography

We offer a full range of examinations and procedures by highly experienced, local radiologist and staff of registered diagnostic medical sonographers.


Enjoy your experience at Fairbanks Ultrasound in our large comfortable private ultrasound suite. We offer the latest advanced technology and specialize in 3D/4D live imaging. You will find an inviting, caring, family-friendly atmosphere with unbeatable staff.


We love what we do and look forward to serving you.

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Diagnostic Ultrasound


Diagnostic ultrasound is a cost effective and safe imaging tool with no damaging radiation exposure or uncomfortable positioning. Ultrasound imaging, in skilled hands, provides a highly accurate look disease processes and injuries. Here at Fairbanks Ultrasound, we have highly skilled registered technologists and a physician, Dr. Zuckerman, who often personally scans the patients and discusses the studies with them.  With over 20 years of experience and living in Fairbanks, you are sure to get the highest quality exam with personalized care from a home town radiologist.  

Outpatient Procedures


Our outpatient ultrasound guided procedures include fine needle and core biopsies, lap band adjustments, fluid aspirations, joint injections, pain injections and now offering Stem Cell and PRP therapy for joints and tendons through our affiliated company, Alaska Lifestyle Health, LLC.

3D / 4D Ultrasound
Gender Scan and
Vascular Screening Studies

These studies do not need provider's orders.

3 dimensional ultrasound provides a surface rendering of the skin and facial structures so you can see your babies face.  4 dimensional ultrasound shows the face in motion so if your baby decides to suck its thumb or play with its umbilical cord, you can see it live. We can also use dimensional ultrasound to better evaluate facial anomalies, such as cleft lip and palate. 


Gender scanning is available for you to know with a high certainty whether your baby will be a male or female.


Vascular screening allows a look at your carotid arteries, aorta and Iliac (leg) arteries to determine if there is build-up of plaque that can put you at risk for heart disease, stroke and poor circulation.

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