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Fairbanks Ultrasound – Heartbeat Bears

Heartbeat Bears: All of the Small Things To a mother – there’s no sweeter sound than that of their child in the womb. The sound of their baby’s heartbeat creates a calming, soothing effect that is unmatched. These are the moments that should be cherished and used to create keepsakes.

Diagnostic Ultrasound

Diagnostic ultrasound is a cost effective and safe imaging tool with no damaging radiation exposure or uncomfortable positioning. Ultrasound imaging, in skilled hands, provides a highly accurate look disease processes and injuries.

Outpatient Procedures

Our outpatient ultrasound guided procedures include fine needle and core biopsies, lap band adjustments, fluid aspirations, joint injections, pain injections and now offering Stem Cell and PRP therapy for joints and tendons through our affiliated company, Alaska Lifestyle Health, LLC.