Heartbeat Bears

Heartbeat Bears: All of the Small Things

To a mother – there’s no sweeter sound than that of their child in the womb. The sound of their baby’s heartbeat creates a calming, soothing effect that is unmatched. These are the moments that should be cherished and used to create keepsakes. Our heartbeat bears help you do just that.

At Fairbanks Ultrasound, we’re not your regular imaging center. We understand that the moments from conception, to pregnancy, and beyond create priceless memories. Our staff helps our patients capture those memories with heartbeat bears. Hence, every one of our patients that comes in gets a free heartbeat bear included with an ultrasound.

These fuzzy little guys are the perfect tool for comforting a pregnant mother, their children, and recording memories. Each of our heartbeat bears is capable of recording a baby’s heartbeat for up to 20 seconds. Also, the recordings remain present even after changing batteries. These adorable little creatures are a fun and playful way to create a lasting memory that is cherished forever.

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    How Do I Record My Baby’s Heartbeat with a Heartbeat Bear?

    At every visit, your doctor will monitor the heart rate of your baby using either a Doppler or Ultrasound unit. At this time, simply press the button on your red heart to record. Squeeze the heart to record your baby’s heartbeat. When you have completed the recording, turn the switch to playback and you will have your baby’s heartbeat to enjoy for years to come.

    Check Out the Mobile App!

    Now, you can carry your baby’s heartbeat everywhere you go with the mobile app. Our app syncs with the heartbeat bear and captures all recordings. Hence, the app also serves as a backup – capable of restoring any recordings to the actual bear itself. Together, both the bear and the app create a keepsake that is secure in your palm, your arms, and your hearts forever.

    Fairbanks Ultrasound is Not Just About Imaging, It’s About the Experience

    We understand that the minor details make a major difference. As a result, our team of medical professionals at Fairbanks Ultrasound does everything in their power to make you feel welcomed and cared for. From heartbeat bears, to world-class imaging services, and beyond – Fairbanks Ultrasound is the ultimate destination for turning memories into keepsakes. Contact us to schedule your appointment today.