Gender Scans

Be Prepared to Pamper Your Little One

At Fairbanks Ultrasound, we understand the excitement that comes along with bringing a little bundle of joy into the world. There’s lots of preparation and love that goes into creating the perfect environment for your new addition to the family before they even see the light of day. One great tool to help you prefer is a gender scan ultrasound.

Truthfully, ultrasounds have a variety of purposes during pregnancy, but the most common use is to reveal the sex of the baby. Some soon-to-be parents can’t wait to find out whether they’re having a boy or a girl, while others choose to put off knowing the sex until birth. Either way, a gender scan at Fairbanks Ultrasound will be the baby’s earliest picture and a couple’s first chance to see their new creation.

Our ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to produce an image of the baby in the mother’s womb. The scans are typically done twice during pregnancy. During weeks 18 and 22 is when the sonographer (ultrasound technician) might identify the gender of the baby, if parents want to know. Additionally, it’s important to note that having a gender scan done at the right time allows us to predict the gender with greater accuracy. Most scans past 18 weeks will produce results with 90+ percentage of accuracy.

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    Gender Scans Are Safe for Both the Mother and the Baby

    Comfort and safety are the top priorities at our practice. During a transabdominal ultrasound, a pregnant woman lies on her back, and then our staff applies a clear gel on her belly. After, a probe, or transducer, passes over the woman’s abdomen. This equipment transmits sound waves that produce images of the fetus as it develops inside the mother’s womb. There is no harm to the baby or the mother during the procedure. The mother may sense slight discomfort from lying flat on her back, which might make her feel dizzy, but the effect wears off quickly.

    When to Get a Gender Scan

    Both males and females look alike until about the 14th week of gestation. Hence, most parents wait until about 18 weeks into the pregnancy to come in and get the scan done.

    Come and Let Us Help Create the Memories You’ll Cherish

    Forever 20 years from now, when you think about the ultrasound you had done and that moment you first laid eyes on your little one, we know you’ll have fond memories. That’s because our staff at Fairbanks Ultrasound does everything it takes to make you feel comfortable. We understand that this is your moment, that’s why we make it all about you. Our staff is ready and excited to assist you! Call us today or fill out the contact form and our staff will be in touch with you shortly.