Gender Prediction

Be Prepared, Know Ahead of Time with Gender Prediction Testing

Preparing to bring another little one into this world is a time of excitement and potentially worry at the same time. Your new addition to the family brings a lot of joy, along with added responsibilities and needs. Many parents-to-be prefer to get a ‘heads up’ on the child’s gender early on so that they can decorate the baby’s room, purchase clothing, etc.

Our gender prediction tests offer parents the ability to learn their child’s gender way ahead of time. Discover your baby’s gender in as little as 8 weeks into pregnancy – weeks to months earlier than any other clinically-proven method. Best of all, you can do it right from the comfort of Fairbanks Ultrasound. Our testing lets you know if you’re having a baby boy or girl as little as 72 hours after visiting our clinic.

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    Our Gender Prediction Testing is Quick, Easy, and Accurate!

    We help you get a jump on things. Our prediction testing is done earlier than an ultrasound and more accurate than a urine test. You’ll know if you’re having a boy or girl weeks to months ahead of schedule, so you can prepare for your little one and share with family and friends. The gender test is the perfect way for expectant parents to get a head start on their gender reveal party, decorate their baby girl or boy’s room early, or feel more connected to their baby during pregnancy. Discover your baby’s gender today with the help of the team at Fairbanks Ultrasound.

    What Our Clients Have to Say About Our Gender Prediction Tests

    I did the test around 10 weeks, it said girl and at my 20 week anatomy scan a baby girl was confirmed. Just waiting on her arrival 🙂


    Test showed girl (was 11 weeks) Baby girl was born


    So happy with a result, we are expecting a little girl!💗🤰🏻👩‍👧Was so happy and big brother can’t wait to meet her! The due date is this month! 🙏🏻👏🏻Thank you so much sneak peek, I did a test when I was 10 weeks pregnant 😊